Adamballs (elsmurfoz) wrote,

if this makes sense to you, you've won a fabulous prize!

the darkness is nothing, coming from this room labeled everything. my memories escape me one by one. or maybe it was just that one, i don't remember. the point is, i love you. at least, that's what she used to say to me, back before the acident. back when she had legs and full use of her tongue. but now all she ever wants to do it sleep. and all he ever wants to do is fuck. but that day he asked me for a cigarette, something in me just snapped. i felt the pop as i landed on the concrete floor, i was going to regret this one in the morning. but my coffee was cold by the time i got to the table. then the bowl of sugar where we used to keep our money was nowhere to be found. i bet that mother fucker just up and left her there, high and dry. the bong water was sludge thick by then, but he insisted that he get a hit for the road. it wasn't long before my tires screeched on the wet pavement as we tried to stop. i heard the scream to my left, or maybe i heard it behind me. the butterfly looked at me oddly as i passed by spinning, i think he knew. but nobody cares when you used to be pretty, it's all about the now. and then i thought about you, and all the things i wanted to say but never could. we can't do this anymore. it's going to catch up to us soon. believe me, you're not going to want to be here when the boss gets back. blood, my mouth was full of blood, or pennies. seventy-five cents later i was walking out that door, and into the frying pan. i hated scrambled eggs, but with enough tabasco, anything is good. though, i got a sudden feeling that this was going to be bad, very very bad. he opened his eyes and finaly saw the fact that he had been blind his whole life. she didn't know any better. he told her the same thing once. and that's how this whole thing went down. now shut up, and close that door labeled nothing, i just remembered the lights are on in there.
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