Adamballs (elsmurfoz) wrote,

fucking darkness creeping in through the cracks in the walls. the fridged grip of the fear it brings with it surrounds my heart and slows it to a stop. my brain slows down and each second takes several minutes, as minutes take days, and days no longer apply. the blood flowing from each of my wounds was puddling on the bed spread around me. the tacky feeling of it drying on my lips as i attempted to draw my last breaths reminded me suddenly of bubble gum. only the bubbles i was blowing brought no ammusement.

from far off, as though through a couregated tunnel, i heard the words. "you can't let go now. you can't die yet."

but the darkness had spread the cracks wide now, and it rushed in faster than ever. i tried to sit up and see who had said those words. to get a glimpse at who was conderned by my approaching death. but my arms refeused to take orders. my nervous system had decided to go AWOL.

this time it was as though the voice came from within. "open your eyes." the darkness began to creep back into the walls, being replaced by the light of an atomic bomb. as my eyes readjusted, i could see the figure standing before me. dressed in solid black. "you stupid mother fucker, you're lucky i'm supposed to be watching over you, or i'd kill you myself." my nervous system was returning to active duty, only to suffer time in the brig of pins and needles. "well fuck you too, i appreciate that you're doing your job, but maybe if you were here full time i wouldn't get into possitions like that."

i sat up and spit the remaning blood on the floor beside me. Nameless stood infront of me with his arms folded. he actually had a name i'm assumeing, but he refused to ever tell me. he said he prefered to keep things on a professional level. i'm not sure where he came from and there for i don't know who he was working for. all he told me was that i had a purpose in the cosmic scheme.

more to come

update i wrote another pretty long chunck of this story, i'll post if if you all want me to, so if you're interested, leave me some feed back, even if you're not into it, let me know what you though
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