Adamballs (elsmurfoz) wrote,

i've decided that san francisco can suck it. i hate getting lost, and san francisco is like the eaisest fucking place in the world to get lost in. it pisses me off, and i've decided that unless i'm with someone who knows exactly where they're going, i'm not going to go back.

in other news, job interview tomorrow. i hope i get it, 'cause then it's IPOD time.

i just decided, and midori agrees, that the new drunken party game should be strip DDR. for those of you who don't know what DDR stands for, it's dance dance revolution. it's a crazy dancing game. i can't play it when i'm fully clothed, so if i was naked, i would be even worse. but i think that it would be fun to watch drunk semi naked people trying to dance to the rhythm.
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